Tea for Tinnitus 2018


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June is Tea for Tinnitus month and we’re aligning with the British Tinnitus Association to raise awareness of the often-debilitating auditory condition.

We are encouraging all our members and supporters to hold a ‘Tea for Tinnitus’ gathering to help raise and continue to maintain awareness of the condition.

Have a cuppa with your family, friends and co-workers over the month of June to start a conversation and encourage someone to go out and check their hearing.

Better Hearing Australia (VIC) are committed to making hearing a National Health Priory Area and holding an event will spread awareness to the community and our policy makers.

Find out more at British Tinnitus Association website //www.tinnitus.org.uk/about-tea-for-tinnitus

Check out the Tinnitus Australia website http://www.tinnitusaustralia.org.au/

Contact us on (03) 9510 1577

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