Don’t leave unused hearing aids in a drawer

Recycled Sound is a Community Service Project initiated by the Rotary Club of Toorak to collect, clean, reprogram and recycle hearing aids for people in our community with a special need and unable to meet the expense of hearing aids in the private market.

The Rotary Club of Toorak has partnered with audiologists Blamey Saunders hears and Better Hearing Australia to undertake specialist cleaning and reprogramming to enable the hearing aids to be recycled.

Don’t throw out hearing aids! Find out how to donate. Read client success stories, why donate, and how it works at Recycled Sound.

6 thoughts on “Don’t leave unused hearing aids in a drawer

  • Lots of people need help from hearing aids. If you have some hanging out in your drawers being unused it would be a good idea to donate them. That way it can help other people with their hearing, because for some people hearing aids can be really expensive.

  • I never would have guessed that someone could donate their old hearing aids. But it makes complete sense! Like DoloresB said, a lot of other people need hearing aids, but they aren’t able to get them. I’ll have to talk to my grandma about this. I am pretty sure she has a ton of old hearing aids. I think it would be a great thing for her to donate all of them.

  • My wife and I are at that point where we need to get hearing aids, but we do not know how to take care of them. We are the type where we like to understand best how to care for things that we invest in, so we are doing research first. I had never heard about keeping them away from drawers, but we will be sure to follow this advice.

    • Hello Douglas, Thank you for your message. We suggest always taking the batteries out at night and keeping them in a dry safe place.
      If you have any questions or concerns you are always welcome to give us a call on 03 9510 1577 or make an appointment to speak to one of our Hearing Advisors.

  • It’s always a good thing to see people doing good for their community. I didn’t really know that you could recycle and reuse old hearing aids. It does make sense and it would help out those that don’t have the proper funds to do so. I’ll have to mention this to my grandma, who has been on hearing aids for some time now. I think she has a drawer with a dozen or so that she doesn’t use anymore.

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