Our new More Than Just Ears Team!

Hearing conditions affect millions of Australians, and we’re committed to ensuring that living well with hearing conditions is about people. It’s about #morethanjustears and #morethanjustdevices. It’s about truly connecting with people, and working with individuals, the community and organisations to ensure that they are connected.

Better Hearing Australia (Vic) has decided to tackle some of the big issues in the hearing sector, with person-centred care underpinning every single thing that we set our sights on. To achieve this, we’ve built a brand new team of agitators and innovators, with experience and enthusiasm bursting at the seams! The Board and I would like to welcome our new More Than Just Ears Team, Jessica Vitkovic, Jacqui Trethowan, Prue Thomas and Camille Gierck. Our new team will take our Connect, Create and Catalyse Strategy forward, and to new heights, realising our vision to eliminate the social and emotional impacts of hearing conditions.

Jessica, our Better Hearing Experience Lead, will be focussing on creating and delivering a truly person-centred, whole-system experience with people impacted by hearing conditions. She has extensive experience across the field of audiology, in particular across education, advocacy and service delivery. A natural leader, Jessica is as entrepreneurial as they get, and comes to us brimming with innovative ideas to create person-centred experiences. As Jessica told us, “I’m so excited about the possibilities in terms of what we can offer, and do, to truly eliminate the social and emotional impacts caused by hearing conditions. Person-centred care will transform the system, and I’m genuinely thrilled to be part of it.”

Jacqui, our Service Impact Lead, will work to transform existing service provision and will develop new offerings to generate impact and resources, ensuring that those most vulnerable have their needs met. With extensive background across private, hospital and not-for-profit organisations in audiology, accrued across Australia and internationally, Jacqui brings a strong sense of ethical practice and impact. Upon Jacqui’s arrival, she told us, “I want to be part of the change in the future of hearing services and experiences. I’m now at the forefront of person-centred care, which I see as a truly valued component of working with people who are experiencing hearing conditions.”

Prue, our Strong Business Lead, will enable our mission through fantastic front-of-house engagement and back-end infrastructure and delivery. Prue has over ten years of experience working in the medico-legal field, dealing with Workers Compensation, Legal, CTP and Life insurance industries. Her focus will be on ensuring our front-of-house and operations systems are exemplars of person-centred care, so that we can focus on compassion and empathy for the people walking through our door. A natural people person, Pure told us, “from the minute anyone walks through our doors, or interacts with us at any level, they’re going to experience what it is like to be at the centre of their care – plus service with a smile, and receive an answer for every question asked.”

Camille, our Engagement Lead, will drive BHA Vic’s engagement and resource development, creating community awareness and impact. A background in the behaviour change space and experience communicating sensitive issues will see her drive the essential message: Hearing conditions are a community issue requiring compassion, empathy and action. “Creating equity and access gets me out of bed in the morning. Everyone knows someone who has or is experiencing hearing conditions. If I can support BHA Vic to ensure that people – even if it’s one person – are connected to their community and engaged, fully, then my job is done!”

We warmly welcome our new team members and are so excited to see where we’ll be this time next year! Please join us in welcoming Jessica, Jacqui, Prue and Camille.

Dr Caitlin Barr, BHA Vic CEO

Jacqui, Jessica, Prue and Camille

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