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My Tinnitus Tea: Fundraising to help people impacted by tinnitus achieve health & wellbeing
My Tinnitus Tea
We’re excited to announce that the creators behind a natural ingredient, caffeine-free tea My Tinnitus Tea, are now fundraising for Tinnitus Australia (an initiative of Better Hearing Australia VIC). With a blend of organic chamomile, rose, lavender, passionfruit and more, this tea is suited to people who want to manage their tinnitus with non-medical strategies in balance with a healthy lifestyle. * 

With each purchase of Day or Night tea, $4 will be donated to Tinnitus Australia. Funds raised go towards our mission to help people impacted by tinnitus achieve health and wellbeing. Tinnitus Australia will use these funds to improve awareness, information and education about tinnitus, create a network of health professionals who specialise in tinnitus care, and offer unique pathways to living well.
You can find out more or purchase the tea here: can also support Tinnitus Australia directly by donating to Better Hearing Australia VIC:*My Tinnitus Tea is a non-medical product and does not cure tinnitus and results may vary. Please read product disclaimer, list of ingredients & cautionary advice via their website and see a health professional for health-related advice on tinnitus. Better Hearing Australia Victoria Inc and Tinnitus Australia do not endorse the effectiveness of this product nor its use for treatment of tinnitus.


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