How Better Hearing Australia helped Heather

Heather Better Hearing AustraliaHeather has been aware of a hearing loss for many years and has a twin sister who uses hearing aids.

Her loss became more problematic about 10 years ago and, in 2009, she had a test at BHA. At this time she didn’t want to get hearing aids as they were economically beyond her reach. Being close to retiring age Heather hoped she would be able to manage until she was on a pension and eligible for government help.

A couple of years later, despite being over 65, Heather was enjoying her part time work at a not-for-profit organisation, but her hearing loss was beginning to impact on her ability to manage some work situations. She also realised that she was missing much of what her younger grandchildren were saying.

 A decision had to be made regarding hearing aids. While continuing to work, she was not eligible for a pension, which meant Heather could not access the government hearing services. Reluctant to give up work that she loved, Heather approached BHA for help. She is now using hearing aids from the Victorian Hearing Aid Bank, which will help her until she retires.

Heather describes the Hearing Aid Bank as “fabulous”. At a time when she was unable to manage the cost of hearing aids but was reluctant to stop working the Victorian Hearing Aid Bank was there to help.

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