Help influence the development of a hearing loss smartphone app

Would you like to help influence the development of a smartphone app to track real-world hearing and listening experiences? The University of Melbourne invite you to participate in a research project that will create a user-friendly & clinically useful app for adults with hearing impairment. The app will be for use by adult candidates for hearing aid fitting to assess their listening difficulties and needs, and for adult hearing aid users to assess hearing aid benefit. We are looking for a range of adults with all levels of hearing impairment, with and without hearing aids.

Who can participate?

Adults with hearing impairment.

What does it involve?

One 1 ½ hour focus group facilitated by a research audiologist. You will receive $50 as a thank you and to cover your time and travel costs.

How do I get involved?

Please contact Associate Professor Karyn Galvin for more information.

Telephone: 03 9035 5323   Email:

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