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Bill Leane, Chair of Better Hearing Australia Canberra, met with our CEO, Athina Georgiou to discuss several initiatives and collaborations between the two branches during Bill’s visit to Melbourne. Bill also shared one initiative that is really catching the eye of residents in Canberra.

Bill was very proud to show a hearing-impaired safety vest that can be worn during walks, bike rides or hikes to warn cyclists and people behind them that they have a hearing loss and may not hear their request or clicking bell.

Designed by a member of Better Hearing Australia Canberra, the vest has a caption stating, ‘Caution Hearing Impaired’ and has had a positive response in Canberra with wearers feeling safe and respected by other members in the community. The vest has allowed people to feel empowered about their hearing loss and know that there is higher chance of engagement and safety with people when they are out.

The next step is to provide the vest to major branches of Better Hearing Australia, offering members a trial period to wear the vest and provide their feedback.

Purchase directly               www.bhacanberra.org

Contact                                bhacanberra@gmail.com

One thought on “Hearing Impaired Vest

  • I would be interested in lobby to get these for our Victorian members
    Every Friday a Probus group I belong to go for a walk in different parks and some people in group calls out bike coming for those who do not always hear the bell which I am one of them

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