Farewell, Athina Georgiou

Today we say farewell to Athina Georgiou, Chief Executive Officer of Better Hearing Australia (VIC), who is retiring from full time work.

Athina has been with the organisation for over 18 months, leading key projects & achieving outcomes to ensure the organisation is in a strong position for the long-term future. Athina was instrumental in the planning & transition process of the NDIS and created strategic partnerships with service providers, policy-makers & stakeholders across the state, as well as managing important Aged Care Quality audits.

Athina worked with the board to ensure the successful sale of the 5 High Street property in March 2018, where our organisation had been located for over 30 years. This later involved leading a thorough relocation process, which resulted in our new residence at 517 St Kilda Rd.

With a financial surplus being achieved in the last year, the implementation of the 2018-2019 budget, further fundraising engagement, more community outreach in regional areas and increasing our digital marketing & social media outreach; Athina has set up the organisation for an exciting future. Athina has been working closely with incoming Chief Executive Officer, Dr Caitlin Barr, to ensure a smooth transition process upon her commencement in January 2019.

We are exceptionally grateful for the leadership, innovation and dedication that Athina brought to the role and wish her all the best in the future.

Pictured together with Dr Caitlin Barr, Kim Turudia (President) & Dianne Semmens (Treasurer).


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